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Our Origin

Since 1977, allsafe has been loyal to Engen - a small community surrounded by Hegau volcanoes and close to the Lake of Constance. Engen is home to the five production lines as well as administration, development and sales. We opened a second production site in 2019 in Fürstenwalde, between Berlin and the Spreewald.

You can find the other regions in which we are active in Germany and Europe and on the other side of the globe here

Location in Fürstenwalde

Our Fürstenwalde location is a manufacturing site since 2019 with 40 employees.

allsafe GmbH & Co. KG
Marie-Curie-Straße 3
15517 Fürstenwalde/Spree

Totalaufnahme mit viel Grünfläche und blauen Himmel vom Location in Fürstenwalde

Location in Engen

Our Engen location is a manufacturing site since 2019 with 200 employees.

allsafe GmbH & Co. KG
Gerwigstraße 31
78234 Engen

Totalaufnahme mit viel Grünfläche und blauen Himmel vom Location in Engen
Totalaufnahme mit viel Grünfläche und blauen Himmel vom Standort in Fürstenwalde. Totalaufnahme mit viel Grünfläche und blauen Himmel vom Standort in Engen.

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allsafe - thats us!

With about 250 employees at two locations in Germany, we do our best every day to create customer value. We - at allsafe - develop, produce and sell using our core competence "fastening". We do this "Made in Germany". We secure your cargo, with the products we develop and manufacture. This allows us to preserve our values at allsafe and inspire people: with safe products and safe jobs for a safe and livable world - that is sustainable business. Our daily work spurs us on, because everything we do at allsafe is based on four core values.

We earn our profit with integrity and share it with our employees. This is the allsafe’s path to a future worth living.

Customer focused




Collaboration is the future

We think extraordinarily to create innovative and individual, safe solutions for you. Load securing should be more than a material investment for you. We are united by the idea that our innovations protect the values of our customers and the lives of people.

Market needs, spur us on to develop the latest innovative technologies. And together with you, we solve your load securing problems. We appreciate the partnership and trusting interaction - because cooperation is the future!

Our low-hierarchy structure encourages and appreciates our employees and makes allsafe a company with a future. More and more people value our policy to share the business' success, as they are an integral part of it. This motivates more customers to work with us. Our visions and values create a basis for a unique performance and innovative community.

Become a sustainability pioneer with Heike!

Learn more about sustainability, circular economy and what allsafe is doing to implement these.

With allsafe, you have a partner that wants to keep your carbon footprint as small as possible by keeping ours as small as possible! As a medium-sized circular economy pioneer, we strive for value creation, decoupled from resource consumption. We see sustainability as an endless product cycle; our goal is net zero resource consumption.

So by working with us, you are conserving our world's resources and cultivating the circular economy. The circular economy enables all of us in a way that is responsible for people, the environment, and the company.

Our values for you

Delivery Time

Delivery Time

Due to our two locations in Germany and our made-to-order production, we guarantee our customers a fast delivery time. After receiving your order, it goes directly into production, after only a few processing steps and is manufactured exclusively for you. This means that you will receive your order for a quantity of up to 20 pieces directly on the next business day - including packaging and free delivery! This is because our process-oriented organization allows flexible single -piece production.

For orders of larger quantities, we will gladly coordinate with you regarding partial deliveries.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

With us you buy locally, because allsafe develops and manufactures exclusively in Germany - for the best quality, the highest safety and a passionate commitment to the innovative ideas of the circular economy.

"Made in Germany" at allsafe stands for the best quality, highest safety, sustainability and responsibility for people and the environment! Our colleagues in development perform first-class engineering and our trained and highly motivated production team manufactures well over 250,000 locking elements and 1,000,000 KERLs per year on an order-by-order basis. Dynamic driving tests under full load and extensive endurance tests have proven the safety and a long service life of allsafe products. All products handle ergonomically and are delivered ready for installation.



Our team of experts will support you in all aspects of load securing. We are very happy to answer your questions on the phone or during a personal appointment. We are sure that we will find the right product for your vehicle, your transport task, and your requirements together. Give us a call - we look forward to talking to you!

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Load securing from allsafe

Between 2000 and 2010, Allsafe has evolved from a load securing distributor to a load securing manufacturer. Today, the company produces load securing equipment according to customer requirements at two locations in Germany.

With us you buy locally, because allsafe develops and produces for you exclusively in Germany - for the best quality, the highest safety and a passionate commitment to the innovative ideas of the circular economy.

With us you also have an internationally experienced partner at your side, because we export globally and work in multicultural teams in all company divisions.

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Our Products

Our Products

allsafe stands for a complete, selected range of products in the field of load securing. From lashing points to straps, nets, tracks and locking elements, we offer everything for the safe transport of valuable goods on a truck or in a van.

allsafe - the right decision when it comes to high-quality and responsible load securing. Safety Made in Germany!

Our Products


At allsafe you buy positive locked load securing - Made in Germany - with certified safety. The products and systems are weight-optimized with legally compliant safety and provide additional stability for the vehicle body.

Through selected German and European suppliers we guarantee 100% delivery reliability and through order-related production you will usually receive your goods within a few days.

> You will have a safe drive with allsafe load-securing systems