Ring straps 35mm

Our Albert with his blue hair and an explanatory raised index finger

Alberts hint

Ihren Firmennamen, Ihr Logo auf das Gurtband drucken? Kein Problem. Den Druck auch auf das Label bringen? Machen wir! Und das alles schon ab 1 Stück.

Teaser Ringgurt 2 Teaser Ringgurt 1 Teaser Ringgurt 3
Teaser Ringgurt 2 Teaser Ringgurt 1 Teaser Ringgurt 3

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Color and Length

Select your color of choice. (Not all colors are available for all locks)

Gurtband BlauBlau Gurtband RotRot Gurtband OlivOliv Gurtband OrangeOrange

Select the total length and the length of the end piece. 

(the length is adjustable starting from 300mm and higher)

79036 Skizze Gurt NeuTotal Length 79036 Skizze Gurt O+u

Static end length
Ringgurt SkizzeGesamtlänge


Select the desired lock.

When making your selection, please note the load capacity (LS) specifications of the selected fitting. The strap receives the load capacity of the component with the lowest specification.

77131 71039
77131 35 71039 35
LC 3000 daN*
STF 450 daN*
LC 450 daN*


We print your logo or lettering in black on the lable of our straps. Protective pads for the lock protect your load if it has sensitive surfaces, while protective sleeves with special properties protect your strap at cargo edges.

Protective pad
Label protection Abrasion protection, hose, rubberized blue Abrasion protection, hose, fabric
Schutzunterlage 25Schutzunterlage 25b Labelschutz 25 Schutzschlauch 1 Schutzschlauch 2