Lashing Straps 35mm

The lashing strap 35mm is the ideal intermediate size and is suitable for use in vans as well as in trucks. The lashing straps from allsafe comply with DIN EN 12195-2 and are compatible with many tracks and fittings from allsafe. You can customize the straps with different end fittings, locks, a length of your choice and in your desired color.

Choose suitable lock and end fittings from our extensive range to suit your load, your lashing task and the required pre-tensioning forces and load capacities. By the way: You can also configure different fittings at the loose and fixed ends! You customize your strap not only technically, but also aesthetically. Choose your favorite color from our selection.

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Print your company name or logo on the webbing? No problem. Print it on the label too? We'll do it! And all this from just 1 piece.

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Color and Length

Select your color of choice

Not all colors are available for all locks


Gurtband Blau


Gurtband Rot


Gurtband Grau


Gurtband Schwarz


Gurtband Oliv


Gurtband Orange


Gurtband Gruen

Select the total length and the length of the end piece

(The length is adjustable starting from 300mm and higher)

79036 Skizze Gurt Neu

Total Length

79036 Skizze Gurt O+u

Static end length

End Fitting

Select the appropriate end fitting

You can also select different fittings with dynamic and static ends. For hooks, you can specify the hook position at the bottom or top.


511275 Mit Band 026
  • For Airline Tracks
  • LC 300 daN
  • L min. = 150 mm


310275 35
  • For Airline Tracks
  • LC 500 daN
  • L min. = 150 mm

AJS*: 511242, AL*: 511228

511242 Mit Band 020
  • For Airline Tracks
  • LC 1000 daN
  • L min. = 160 mm


511227 Mit Gurt
  • For Airline Tracks
  • LC 2000 daN
  • L min. = 180 mm


71022 35
  • For Combi Tracks
  • LC 750 daN
  • L min. = 110 mm


71664 10 35
  • For Lashing grooves and Lashing eyelets
  • LC 1250 daN
  • L min. = 210 mm


71662 35
  • For Lashing grooves and Lashing eyelets
  • LC 1500 daN
  • L min. = 190 m


71668 35
  • For Lashing grooves and Lashing eyelets
  • LC 2500 daN
  • L min. = 240 mm


71326 35
  • LC 800 daN
  • L min. = 140 mm


  • Loop 200 mm

Lmin is minimal static end legth for this fittimg
* AJS: AJS- and CTD-Keyhole/ AL: Airlinetrack


Select the desired lock

When making your selection, please note the load capacity (LS) specifications of the selected fitting. The strap receives the load capacity of the component with the lowest specification.


77131 35
  • LC 1500 daN
  • STF 225 daN


71039 35
  • LC 225 daN


We print your logo or lettering in black on the lable of our straps. Protective pads for the lock protect your load if it has sensitive surfaces, while protective sleeves with special properties protect your strap at cargo edges.

Protective pads for the lock

Schutzunterlage 25bSchutzunterlage 25

Label protection

Past static end length 400 mm

Labelschutz 35


Prevents unthreading from the lock

Umbug 35

Abrasion protection hose

Rubberized, purple

Scheuerschutz Lila 35

Abrasion protection hose heavy duty


Scheuerschutz Weiss 35