TransSAFE net

TransSAFE® net are versatile net-systems that can be used to secure a wide variety of cargo types.  The systems are flexibly configurable and adapt to specific requirements. Choose the net size, the mesh size, the color and also the attachment of the steel rings on and around the net.

In this way, we work with you to put together your individual net to suit your transport task and your vehicle.  Each net is made of high-quality material, individually tailored to your requirements.

Together with you, we configure the right net for your vehicle and your transport task - feel free to call us.

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Dimensions & Colors

Select your preferred color

Not all colors are available for all locks.


Gurtband Blau


Gurtband Rot


Gurtband Grau


Gurtband Schwarz


Gurtband Oliv


Gurtband Orange


Gurtband Gruen

Select the dimensions of the net

Long and short side in mm
Depending on the selected mesh size, the total dimension may not be achieved exactly by calculation.


Zeichnung 1
Zeichnung 2

Select the dimensions of the mesh.

Mesh size long and short side in mm
A small mesh size of 150-200 mm has proven to work well, a minimum of 100 mm is possible.

Zeichnung 3
Zeichnung 4


Indicate in which positions you need steel rings.

Zeichnung 5 Zeichnung 6 Zeichnung 7

Indicate in which positions you need steel rings.

Zeichnung 5Zeichnung 6Zeichnung 7


Combined with adapter straps or lashing straps from allsafe, you form a complete loading unit in your vehicle with the TransSAFE®net.

Adapter strap with ratchet

511263-1075 (order x 4)

Zubehör (3)

Adapterstrap with clamp lock

511263-1078 (order x 4)

Zubehör (2)

Or custamize your own Adapter strap 62/63 (25 mm Lashing straps)

Zubehör (1)