SAM Clamping Bars

Our SAM clamp bars are available in two versions. The SAM 46 Profi is suitable for use in a van as well as in a refrigerated box. The SAM 55 Profi can also be used in refrigerated vehicles.

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Alberts hint

If no airline rails are installed, SAM Profi is the right choice!
For use in we airline-tracks recommend our KIM 55 Profi.

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The SAM 46 Profi und SAM 55 Profi are adjusted in length by an ergonomic operating lever and has a tube diameter of 46mm. You can easily find the blocking force on the innovative load capacity indicator (patent pending). The blocking force is 140daN and the new lever mechanism makes installation and removal in the vehicle effortless. The pre-tensioning force is always perfectly adjusted for maximum safety, which you can feel as soon as you install it. With optional clip-on frames, SAM-Profi also optimally secures small packages. And as with all Faktor4 products from allsafe, an individual product type label is possible on the label.


Sam 55 Profi

An individually configurable clamping rod with an ergonomic operating lever for perfect pre-tensioning force. Flexible and quickly ready for use with a rubber base.


Sa M55 Profi512074

Sam 46 Profi

With ergonomic operating lever for perfect pre-tensioning force! Flexible and quickly inserted with rubber base. And of course individually configurable for your vehicle.

Sa M46 Profi


These applications are available for our SAM's:

Sam 55 Profi

SAM 55 Profi can be adjusted in seconds using a lever. Choose the right application range for your vehicle:

  • 1850- 2300 mm
  • 2100 - 2550 mm
  • 2100 - 2850 mm
SAM 46 Profi

SAM 46 Profi can be adjusted in seconds using a lever. Choose the right application range for your vehicle:

  • 1150 - 1550 mm*
  • 1550 - 2050 mm*
  • 2000 - 2500 mm*

*up to 1550 mm length 140 daN, past 1550 mm length 120 daN

End Piece

These end pieces are available for our SAMs. Optionally you can select a rubber foot for both sides or you can select a bolt on one side.

Blue squared end

Sam Profi Fuß Blau

Black round end

Gummifuss 040

19 Bolt

Sam Bolzen 19 Mm

24 Bolt

Sam Bolzen 24 Mm


510372 07 NeuAufsteckrahmen Sam 54x70 Cgm Fr

Clip-on Frame:

510372 12 NeuAufsteckrahmen Sam 54x120cgm Fr

Clip-on Frame: 1200mm

Short and Sweet

  • This bar is suitable for vehicles lacking tracks, as these can be ordered with rubber bases.
  • Lever: With the ergonomic operating lever, you can quickly and easily fix the bar at the appropriate length between the tracks.
  • Customized logo: We are happy to print your logo on the label of the locking bars.