Faktor 4

Custom Locking Elements

With our different types of locking elements you have the possibility to secure your goods in your vehicle using positive locking. By inserting suitable bars or beams between the tracks, you can secure your load in just a few simple steps.

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KIM Locking bar

Our KIM series consists of various round and square locking bars. Here you are sure to find the right products for your application and your vehicle!

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SAM Clamping Bars

No airline tracks installed? No problem! Our clamping bars with rubber bumpers secure your load reliably.

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KAT Locking Beam

Find the right locking beam for every type of vehicle – an easy task with the beams from the KAT series.

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PAT Clamping Boards

Our PAT is unique and patented! This clamping board guarantees the highest safety and securely brings your load to its destination.

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Loading Beams

Our loading beams are available individually or as part of our double deck systems! For more loading volume and easy operation!

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