PAT Clamping Boards

The PAT clamping element with patent for user-friendly handling!

PAT 1000-1 = the one-piece clamping beam
PAT 1000-2 = the two-piece clamping beam

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The two-piece PAT 1000-2 version can be easily stowed away to save space.

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Our PAT is unique and patented!

This clamping beam guarantees the highest safety with a load capacity of 1000 daN and ensures that your cargo safely arrives at its destination. Because it secures tightly and anchors large loads in a tarpaulin vehicle or on a car tracker with drop sides from 18 to 35mm - the goods stay in place. And you can easily stow the two-part beam to save space.

You will find the right model for every application:
Whether wooden or aluminum drop sides, PAT anchors itself in all environments. Like all allsafe products, our PAT is also available with 24-hour service: ordered today, delivered tomorrow - and in your customized configuration, with your logo.


PAT is configurable for an application range min. 550 to max. 2520 mm. It has a telescoping range of 120 mm.
Sliding inserts on both sides of the beam allow you to adjust it by up to 120mm.


End Pieces

The adjustable end part makes this bar suitable for drop sides from 18 to 35mm.


PAT 1000-1:

Clamping element with 1000 daN load capacity, one-piece

Pat 1000 1
Pat 625 1 Querschnitt
Pat 1000 1

PAT 1000-2:

Clamping element with 1000 daN load capacity, two-piece for space-saving storage

Pat 1000 2
Pat 625 1 Querschnitt
Pat 1000 2