Sometimes it's just a few packages, sometimes the cargo is stacked up to the roof of the van. With TransSAFE® net, you can keep a wide variety of cargo in place. Fast and flexible, also thanks to the all-round net strap on the TransSAFE® net+. You can combine our allsafe nets with locking bars to create intelligent partition wall systems. The fittings from the KERL class provide a secure hold and are compatible with TransSAFE® net, as well as the lashing straps from allsafe. With TransSAFE® net you're always safe on the road.


TransSAFE net

The classic - universal and easy to use. The size and color of the net can be freely selected. When combined with allsafe lashing straps, these nets are ideal for any transport task.

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TransSAFE®net Plus


The safety net with even more functions! By means of a circumferential strap and various fittings, you create a transport system with maximum safety.

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Custom Nets

Customizability thanks to our local development and production! We develop the perfect net using your specifications and our proven components.

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