The KERL fitting series ensures optimal load securing. Whether as lashing point, holder, screw fitting or for special applications - we have the right KERL for it. Our products are characterized by the best quality and highest safety. Finding the right KERL for every vehicle type and every individual application is easy with the KERL fitting series.

KERL als Zurrpunkt

KERL as lashing point

The lashing points for airline tracks and keyhole tracks are suitable as eyelets into which hooks can be inserted or straps threaded through.

See KERL as lashing point

Screw Fittings

Screw fittings from allsafe are suitable for fastening fixtures and attachments in airline tracks and allow easy and quick removal. 

See Screw Fittings
KERL als Halter

KERLS as holders

Various fittings for different tracks, which are suitable as brackets for brooms, cables, sprinkler boards and much more!

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Special applications

The allsafe assortment also includes suitable fittings for seat mounting, securing roller containers or as a connecting element for fixtures.

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