KIM 7x9

Art.-Nr.: 512010

Static length, ca. 70x90 mm

KIM 7x9 with mounted airline track is suitable for robust positive locking in vertical applications.

The product in detail


KIM 7x9 is a square locking bar with a locking force of up to 2000 daN and come with two attached Airline tracks. This locking bar is manufactured to fit the clearance dimension in your vehicle exactly and has an adjustment range of +/-50 mm. KIM 7x9 is available with different end parts for different tracks and is part of allsafe's CRS system. As with all Faktor4 products from allsafe, an individual product type plate on the label is possible.

Application Area

KIM 7x9 Airline is suitable for horizontal and vertical use. It is available with a fixed application range of min. 1800 - max. 3100 mm and with +/-50 mm spring deflection.

Please indicate the clear inside dimensions between the tracks when ordering:

A484f87f 588a 4d7c 8fad 289ded51b67e

Bottom track

Please specify material when ordering (aluminium/steel).
Please specify grid when ordering (40 mm/50 mm).

End parts

Bolt top

The end parts at the top are compatible as follows:

Ø19 mm solid bolt, top

Compatible with Airline Tracks Ø20 mm,
Perforated tracks Ø20 mm

Kim 7x9 Detail Bolzen24 Ret

Ø24 mm solid bolt, top

Compatible with Airline Tracks Ø25 mm,
Perforated tracks Ø25 mm

Kim 7x9 Detail Bolzen24 Ret


Blocking handle

Kim 5x7 Handgriff

Short and Sweet

  • This product can be ordered with the appropriate end parts for your track.
  • With an operating strap on your bar, you can release it quickly and easily.
  • A spring at the top of the bar allows it to be quickly and easily clamped between the tracks in your vehicle. The bar is height adjustable by +/- 50mm and can be quickly and easily adjusted with a locking screw.
  • We are happy to print your logo on the label of the locking bars.